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Newsletter 11/08

Dr. Ley is a nationally recognized leader in his area of expertise but there is more to his education, background, and training than just being a reproductive specialist. He taught veterinary medicine and preventive health care management for well over 20 years at 4 major Universities across the United States before entering private practice. He has provided veterinary services to some of the largest horse, sheep and alpaca farms in the U.S. He administers and delivers farm management programs and individual animal health care from the ground up. His practice motto, “Supporting the life of your equine dreams”, is all encompassing from prior to conception to beyond retirement. And that includes alpacas and llamas too! READ MORE HERE>>>



Dr. William B. Ley


Dr. Ley began attending to the needs of llamas and alpacas in the northern Virginia area of Loudoun and Fauquier counties in 2006. His close proximity to breeders in this area is ideal in emergency situations. As a reproductive specialist, he is quite adept at assisting difficult births, and can perform Caesarean sections . Much like the equine species, camelids are quite stoic, yet fragile at the same time. Quick response with fluids, temperature control, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and plasma are vital to any alpaca/llama in distress. Dr. Ley is available to stabilize your camelid and help you make the best decision should it need more intense treatment at a major hospital. Twenty-four hour care is available with Dr. Ley if that is the best option for your animal.
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